« Everything is possible when you meet your soul mate… Nothing is true without real characters… »

The designers have decided to come forward and to explain their motivation.

First of all, their encounter : the collection would not exist without it. Then their personality : strong and individual which more than often leads to unexpected creation.

It’s by wearing their favorite frames each that they would like people to undertsand not just their passion but also the two different personalities involved in each creation.

The new black and white advertising campaign suggets a smart environment. It would like to reach people with values. It’s a need to go back to the beginning, to nature and simplicity.

Who are they ?

2 designers involved and passionate…

… about their work, the product itself, beauty, excellence and small details. But also about the people they have met and those who helped them to give birth to their universe.

Which encounter ?

Their professional love at first sight :

Nothing is hidden behind their spontaneity. Working together and sharing their passion, they could only create a unique collection.

A common passion for the nice product :

They share it it with their followers, always looking for design requirements and quality. A never ending search for comfort and innovation in order to suit everybody’s needs.

Two strong personalities who seemed to have nothing in common but finally 2 persons who can’t be apart…
Here is the start of the story, split in short episodes… to be followed !


 : Vanessa & Mehdi
Segment: Exogene
Models’ numbers : VL1201 (Mehdi) – VL1113 (Vanessa)
Material : Acetate and HDN
Brevet : Exo’ in

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