Aesthetics + technological innovation = The winning equation

After a noticeable launch at Alain Mikli, Vanessa and Mehdi created their distribution company in 2010 to market their collection and meet opticians, in order to better understand their customers’ expectations and needs. Today, their products are distributed in optical stores keen on challenges and innovation.

From Moscow to Istanbul, Warsaw to Hong-Kong, Kenya to Japan, or even Canada to Tel Aviv, women and men alike are seduced by these extraordinarily comfortable, unclassifiable and timeless glasses.If originality and design are essential for the duo, it’s never at the cost of technological development and comfort. The designers made a pact to adapt all their glasses to all facial morphologies.
To do so, they conceived a patented technical system, integrated into the temples of their frames, which allows micrometric adjustments of the height of each temple to counter natural facial asymmetries: the difference of height of ears. These adjustments also allow customers to change the front angle of the frame in order to best match their prescription.

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